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Take a tour through Cold War times

Fully arranged with genuine equipment and objects associated with the socialist era, this apartment isn’t unlike a small museum. Local enthusiasts put in a lot of time and effort to reach the desired effect of capturing the spirit of those times, and it is thanks to them that the full authentic Cold War interior design was achieved. Today, this 50s styled home gives you the unique opportunity to become acquainted with the feeling of living in the early 1950s’ Nowa Huta.

Initially, the apartment block where it’s located was planned as a hotel for Nowa Huta’s construction workers. Over time, its interiors were adapted for private apartments. In modern day, the size of such an apartment would be daunting: only 19 square meters per flat. But back in the day, such amount of space would usually be shared. The apartment is equipped with functioning devices, such as a Poland-produced TV (depending on the season, we present either Ametyst, Jubilat or Helios), where we present some old propaganda films typical for those times, available both in Polish and English. There is also a turntable, which will allow you to listen to real vinyl records; we got old Polish songs by Andrzej Zaucha – tracks which were very hard to get in Poland, especially in the 70s, but were very popular in the West. There is also a full kitchen and a bathroom, where you can find small touches and authentic details of the era.

Tour visits to the apartment are available in small groups up to 8 people. The apartment can also be rented for an overnight stay (you can find it on and airbnb with our guests reviews).

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Tour Info

  • Group tour with a guide costs 25PLN per person.
  • The appartment can be rented for 199PLN per day.
  • Photo session can be arranged on request.

Send inquiries about booking a tour or renting the appartment on our Email address:

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