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Take a tour around Cold War times

Fully arranged with objects and equipment assotiated with the communist era, the apartment was brought into the state of almost a small museum. Local enthusiasts who devoted a lot of time and energy to achieve the desired effect are responsible for completing the equipment and its arrangements in accordance with the spirit of those times. Today, this place gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with the reality of the housing situation from the early 1950s in Nowa Huta.

Initially, the block in which the flat is located was intended as a workers’ hotel for the builders of Nowa Huta. Over time, its interiors were adapted for private apartments. Today, the size of this place can be terrifying because it is only 19 square meters. At that time it was a space that often had to be shared with someone else. The apartment is equipped with working equipment such as Polish production television (depending on the season we present Ametyst, Jubilat or Helios), which presents propaganda films suitable for those times in both Polish and English languages. The turntable functioning in the apartment allows you to listen to vinyl records, for example, of popular songs of Andrzej Zaucha, or those tracks that were very hardly to get in Poland, especially in the 70s, but very popular in the West. There is also a full kitchen and toilet, where you can find small details and equipment of that era.

A visit to the Flat is possible in small individual groups (up to about 8 people). The apartment can also be rented for stay over a night (you can find it on and airbnb with our guests reviews).

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Info pack

An entrance ticket for a group with a guide costs PLN 15 per person

The flat can be rented for 199 PLN per day.

Possibility to arrange place for a photo session.

Inquiries about renting should be directed to our e-mail address

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