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For the inhabitants of Nowa Huta, this place isn’t just a district; we believe that the locals are extraordinary people deserving recognition! That is the reason is why we strive to promote, create, fight stereotypes, and above all we reach out to help children in need as well as support the sick, the elderly, and the disabled.

It is for those goals in mind that Promotion Of Nowa Huta Foundation was established.

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Fundacja Promocji Nowej Huty - Logo

About the Foundation

Quick History

Promotion of Nowa Huta Foundation (earlier known as Support, Management and Promotion of Nowa Huta Foundation) was formed in 2013 as an initiative by a group of young adults, all from different areas surrounding the district.

Sebastian Adamczyk, Magda Jędrzejko and Marta Bielecka decided to join forces and ideas with the goal to change the image of five district areas. Starting from area 14 – Czyżyny, to area 15 – Mistrzejowice, 16 – Bieńczyce, 17 – Wzgórza Krzesławickie, all the way to area 18 – Nowa Huta. Through cooperation with the 3rd sector’s organizations, especially with the backing of kind, supporting people, the foundation’s able to initiate social and cultural festivals, forming Nowa Huta promotion center.

Currently we have about 10 full-time staff members involved, and a constantly increasing number of sympathizers and volunteers. The continued progress and development are only possible all thanks to their hard work.

The process of ‘building’ meeting space for different social organizations takes priority for initiatives concerning the positive image of Nowa Huta. The foundation uses the incredible potential and possibilities at their disposal to create space for making dreams a reality; such as the Nowa Huta Radio station. We have many projects in mind which are meant to involve and integrate the local population, but most importantly to support growth and promote Nowa Huta as a district.

Years of experience
thousands calendars distributed
Major Projects realized

Strategic Partnerships

Fundacja Promocji Nowej Huty - Logo

The Team

Sebastian Adamczyk - Fundacja Promocji Nowej Huty - Kontakt

someone’s gotta lead ’em
(founder and president)

Sebastian – foundation’s founder and president. Local patriot and member of Nowa Huta Council.

Mateusz Marchocki - Fundacja Promocji Nowej Huty - Kontakt

let us tour!
(coordinator of eNHa Trip project)

Mateusz – foundation board member. He makes sure that all tours are exciting, unforgettable experiences.

making us look good
(visuals and graphics)

Magda – visual coordinator. Combines her passion of photography with love for Nowa Huta.

keeps people together

Marta – Management graduate, member of Nowa Huta Council, coordinator in the HR department.

Fundacja Promocji Nowej Huty - Logo

Our Mission

The main goal of our foundation is to make an even better, NEWER Nowa Huta (as ‘Nowa’ means ‘New’ in polish). We promote local patriotism through bonds between prosocial and cultural organizations, in order to put a ‘driving wheel’ in motion for swift district development. There is a lot of potential here, but only by working together we can make our vision into reality. What matters most is not the applause received for taking action nor small successful projects, but the peace you feel inside after a mission well done.


Set your expectations high, but expect most from yourself! For we can do anything, but not all things are befitting.


for ideas, happiness, fulfillment, peace, stability, balance, your own place, answers, hope


image, space, room, location, position, access


people in need, the rejected, the young, the elderly, the self-employed, institutions, schools, non-profit organizations


self-realization, introspection, new ideas


investments, projects, events, celebrations, gatherings, training, conferences, retreats, meetings, parties


change, work, development, improvement, educations, awareness, resourcefulness, involvement, participation, volunteering

Fundacja Promocji Nowej Huty - Logo

Our Vision

Thanks to utilizing all the strength that is available to us, every district experiencing “difficulties” now has resources to properly deal with their problems, and they’re accessible for children, adolescents and adults all alike. That’s why, through giving teamwork a chance and a place for turning our established projects into reality, we do, can do, and will do much more. Our vision of a strong, efficient and dependable organization is driving us, pushing toward improvement in every possible way.

We do not stand indifferent when faced with people in need, but we reach out to help them. We strive in many ways to become a recognizable and valued partner to work with, and we are constantly increasing the numbers of our members and sympathizers.


‘Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs.’
– Vaclav Havel

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