How To Factory Reset Windows 10: Full Guide

Once done, proceed to the “Restore your programs, settings and files from backup” section. A good place to store the container is a USB external hard drive, but any place which is outside the computer we are wiping will do fine, such as a network drive, another hard drive in the computer etc. A virus or malware could be stopping the OS from performing a reset.

The Settings app includes a Phone section, which lets you integrate your Android or iOS device with your PC. The Continue on PC app lets any browser on iOS or Android open a webpage immediately on a Windows 10 PC, or to create a notification in the Action Center with the link. For tips on how to get started with this feature, readSync Your Smartphone to Windows 10 With Continue on PC.

Fix 2: Update or Reinstall Your Bluetooth Driver

Check various solutions offered by Microsoft to fix the issue of Bluetooth not working. If your laptop doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can use an external Bluetooth device that plugs into a USB port. In most cases, the drivers are automatically installed when you plug in the device. Search for the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar and make sure the computer is visible to all. If Bluetooth is not enabled, or Bluetooth toggle missing after Windows 10 Upgrade there might be a program that is conflicting with your Bluetooth device, or that the Bluetooth service is not running. Also, there is chance the Bluetooth driver get corrupted while upgrade process or its not compatible with the current Windows 10 version.

  • After you install Windows 11, you automatically receive updates and security fixes from Microsoft.
  • There is one more thing you should be aware of regarding Windows 10’s real-time protection.
  • Before the fear settles in or you make any drastic decisions, review the following options that may help to reset your password in Windows.

Most modern laptops come with a hidden partition on their primary storage device. This partition holds a backup of the laptop’s original operating system. In such scenarios, a “factory reset” is the equivalent of re-writing this image over the partition where the operating system’s currently installed. Almost every time we need to use specialized data recovery software, we find ourselves turning to Disk Drill Data Recovery. We find that Disk Drill, for which you can read our comprehensive review here, offers an optimal combination of ease of use, features, and cost. One excellent security feature of Windows 10’s built-in factory reset option is how it allows the user to choose between a quick reset or a full-on erasure of everything.

Wireless Stereo HeadsetWF-C500

Using your bluetooth audio device for music playback or calls via USB is not possible. If it’s not started, Double click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery Driver Updater it to open its properties. Restart Windows after complete the troubleshooting process. You should now have enough knowledge to get yourself up and running with any Bluetooth device. Some devices, like Bluetooth mice, have Bluetooth permanently turned on.

Now to save battery on your PC, you might want to disable Bluetooth communication on Windows 10. The Start menu is easily accessible from the toolbar of your Windows 10 device. Just click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen, or alternatively, you can type ‘settings’ into the adjacent search bar.

Update Bluetooth Drivers

Virus & Threat protection should be off after the restart. Note that you will still see a shield icon in the system tray area as the Shield icon is the Windows Security icon, not the Microsoft Defender Antivirus icon. Locate „Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus” and double-click on the policy. If you have trouble finding it, click on the „setting” header of the column to sort the list of policies in alphabetical order. To disable Windows Defender Antivirus permanently, you need to use the Group Policy Editor or the corresponding Registry setting.

Application and hardware compatibility could be a problem with XP upgrades because the OS is so old. Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015 as a follow-up to Windows 8. The company has said it will update Windows 10 continuously, rather than release a new, full-fledged operating system as a successor. Joe Belfiore says Microsoft will release the new OS gradually, for different devices. It’ll start with desktops and laptops, then go to Xbox One, HoloLens, and Arduino.

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