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We offer a captivating journey through the former Kombinat Steelworks administration offices, now accompanied by an English-speaking local guide. This immersive experience is made possible thanks to the Promotion of Nowa Huta Foundation and their dedication to the eNHa TRIP project tailored for foreign tourists.

To ensure the availability of a guide, we strongly advise booking your tour at least few hours in advance. The booking process is straightforward: you can either use the booking form below, send an email to, or reach out using the contacts provided on our Contact page. For additional information or inquiries, feel free to call us via WhatsApp at +48 791 605 879.

If you find problems with reservation form below this page please use one on polish version of this site. 


  • Ticket Prices:

    • Combined Tour: Building “Z” along with the Command Shelter (2 hours) – 60zł. This tour is primarily reserved through the booking form.
    • Building “Z” One Hour Version (1h) – 30zł. Available for organized groups. Please indicate in the form comments.
    • Command Shelter (45min) – 30 zł. Available for groups, with the option for individuals to join on scheduled dates.
    • Extended Building “Z” Tour (1.5h) – 70zł. This tour additionally covers offices on the top floor, the balcony above hall 157, and employee cash desks with an underground safe located underneath. Available for organized groups.

    Note: Every tour is conducted with a guide, the cost of which is included in the ticket price. Children up to 7 years old can tour for free.

    Tour Itinerary: The standard tour includes a visit to the “Z” Administration Building. The tour starts at the gate leading to the courtyard, then the group moves through the entrance hall, subsequently visiting conference hall 157, spiral staircases, the CEO’s office with its private section, the engineer’s office, and the main dispatch of the plant. Afterwards, an underground tunnel connecting Building “Z” with “S” leads to another building. Beneath this building lies the Command Post Shelter from the late 1950s, which is the last stop on the tour.

    Tour Duration: The tour lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours and is available with a guide in both Polish and English. With prior booking for organized groups, tours are also available in Spanish, French, and Russian.

    Booking and Reservations: You can make reservations through the booking form or by email at, and also by phone. If you find problems with reservation form below this page please use one on polish version of this site. 

    Meeting Point: The meeting point is the entrance stairs of the Administration Building before entering the Sendzimir Steelworks. The exact address is Ujastek 1 Kraków. The easiest way to reach it is from the center of Nowa Huta, going from Central Square to Solidarności Avenue to its very end. At its end, you’ll find the entrance to the Nowa Huta steelworks compound. Once you see the prominent sign Huta im. T. Sendzimira, you’ll know you’re at the right place. At the gates of the steelworks are two large iconic administration buildings. The building on the left is the meeting point and the first site on the tour.

    Option Central Square + retro ride: You can start exploring the buildings by meeting our guide at Central Square in Nowa Huta about 45 minutes earlier. During this meeting, we will talk about the architecture of Nowa Huta, the city’s urban layout, and the history of the Lenin monument. Then, we will ride on retro vehicles (depending on the number of people: Fiat 126, Łada 2101, Uaz, Nysa) to the administrative buildings, where the guided tour along the combined route will begin. The price for such a tour is 130 PLN per adult and 60 PLN for children under 7. The total duration is 3 hours.


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