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Are you interested in visiting Nowa Huta? Are you worried about missing interesting sights without an experienced tour guide? Well, fear no more! Project eNHa trip has you covered!

The starting point of the tour can be anywhere in Krakow. Then we take our stylish 20th century vehicles for a ride through the center of Nowa Huta. During the ride, our guide will show you old photos for comparison of how much things have changed since the city was first built and offer insight on Nowa Huta’s recent history. Once the tour is over you will be taken back to the city center (scroll down to the itinerary for more).

The tour vehicles are especially what makes the drive so charming. You will the opportunity to ride a classic Polish Fiat 126 model called “Maluch” – which literally means “Small One” or “Toddler” – a car which has been popular in Poland for a very long time, and is even said to be highly appreciated by Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks (see picture below). If the car is too small for your group, there are other, bigger automobiles waiting for you as well, such as ZSD Nysa, a larger Fiat, or even an UAZ, all classic Cold War models with rich, fascinating history behind them.

For a special, extended tour, we offer a visit to one of our historic shelters, and to see in person what Cold War interior design was like up close – experience the atmosphere of the 20th century first hand!

Wycieczka Objazdowa
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Classic Tour Itinerary

Basic 2.5h version

A stroll through the Central Square and Roses Avenue – the spot where once stood the biggest statue of Lenin in all Poland, before it was taken down in 1989. See the remains of Socialist Realism architecture in the heart of the town, and learn more about the urban layout of a city, and the history of its construction.
The main gates of Nowa Huta steelworks, and the grand entrance to Kombinat office buildings, together with the famous sign “Huta im. T. Sendzimira” (meaning “T. Sendzimir’s Steelworks”) – altered after the fall of communism. Learn about Kombinat’s history and the huge steelworks initiative, which was the reason why the new city was founded.
A great opportunity to take some pictures with a genuine polish IS2 tank, which took part in real battles on the eastern front of WWII, and which still stands proudly in Nowa Huta, thematically appropriate right next to the Military Effort Museum and the Country Theater.
St. Mary’s Church of the Lord’s Arc – the first church built in Nowa Huta after a long campaign by local people, as the original communist town had no churches at all. It later became a symbol and rebellion base against the socialist regime.
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Price list

How much for a tour?

Prices may vary depending on the vehicle of choice, but standard 2-people tour by Fiat 126 costs 330 PLN (with English-speaking guide). All prices are tax-inclusive.

Number of people Vehicle of choice  Price per person
1-2 Fiat 126, Lada 2101* 165 PLN
3-4 Lada 2101, Lada 2102, Fiat 125 135 PLN
5-8 3x Fiat 126, 2x Lada 2101, UAZ 452, Nysa 522* 125 PLN
9-20 multiple vehicles 115 PLN

 *groups may be smaller than listed for a selected vehicle, but an extra fee may be required.

To book a tour now, we recommend the booking form below or a call through Whatsapp at 

+48 791 605 879

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Extended tour options

Tours up to 4 hours

Look around Kombinat Steelworks former offices, carefully preserved from 20th century, all of which stand upon one of Nowa Huta’s historic underground shelters.
See more here
Descend into one Nowa Huta’s of military shelters, which served as headquarters in times of emergency – one of the many traces of Cold War around Nowa Huta. Entrance ticket just 15 PLN, tour guide included.
See more here
See a genuine Cold War interior design from the 50’s, “the era” as the locals called it. Experience the atmosphere of everyday life in mid-20th century Nowa Huta.
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Try Polish cuisine at the local Milk Bar. “Milk Bars” had been popular in Poland since the communist era. Instead of selling sweets, they sell home-made food for very cheap prices. Their original purpose was to provide affordable food for poor workers. But despite being cheap, the quality of the food is still incredible!
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Cars of the 20th Century

Take a cruise in the past

Take a trip with us and be accompanied by professional local guides, keen to share their history and their love of their city. Pick-up from any destination within the city, as well as a drive back to the city center, are all included in our tour offer. eNHa TRIP offers plenty of authentic vehicles from the socialist era, for the added effect of “travelling through time”: take a pick between Polish Fiat 126 model “Maluch”, Lada 2101, classic Nysa, Żuk, or even a soviet army van model UAZ 452!

And for those who prefer comfort over travelling in style, you can book a trip in a regular modern car too – we strive for maximum satisfaction and will tailor the tour to your needs and wishes.

FIAT 126p

3 seats

Manufactured in Poland since 1972 till 2000! Called “maluch” which literally stands for “toddler”. You may wonder is it really proper for 3 people to ride it? You shall try it out!

LADA 2101

4 seats

Manufactured in USRR between 1970-1988. Commonly nicknamed “Kopeyka” (penny). Lada quickly became a real hit in the Soviet Union. Recommended passanger number is 3-4 people

NYSA 522

7-8 seats

produced in the town of Nysa, Poland, between 1958-1994. Nysa was considered more comfortable and spacious than its sibling Żuk van. Typical model for military police units durring a communist era.

UAZ 452

7-8 seats

is a family of off-road vans produced at the Ulyanovsk since 1965 till nowdays! Because of the external similarities to a loaf of bread, the van became known as Буханка (bukhanka, meaning loaf in Russian).

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Tour Photo Gallery

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Łada 2101
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Nysa 522
(6-8 os.)(150pln/car)
UAZ 452
(4-8 os.)
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