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Kombinat Steelworks Office and Shelter Tour

We offer a fascinating tour around former Kombinat Steelworks administration offices, now including an English-speaking local guide thanks to the efforts made by Promotion of Nowa Huta Foundation, and their involvement in developing eNHa TRIP project for foreign tourists.

If you’re in luck, it’s possible to come across a free guide waiting around the entrance, even without making a reservation – however it’s easy to miss them, so we recommend booking a tour ahead of time. The process is very simple: you can either use the booking form below, write an Email (), or use one of the contacts listed on our Contact page. To ask for more information, you can also make a phone call at WhatsApp: +48 791 605 879

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We invite you to check out the unique Polish architecture left by the Cold War – over the years, socialist realism had become iconic for Nowa Huta’s monuments.

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